There are a number of vacancies on the Ealing Village board of directors. We therefore invite shareholders to commit to contributing time as a volunteer director. 
People from different backgrounds and with a range of skills are encouraged.  It helps to have management experience, previous directorship of companies, or work in law, accountancy, finance or property management. In particular shareholders with a legal or finance professional background are skills that are particularly needed. 
The board meets formally at least monthly. There are also project meetings and the AGM. At a rough estimate, a minimum of 20 hours a month of time is required. (Recently it has entailed, of course, much more.)
The work to ensure Ealing Village has a secure future can be both fulfilling and challenging; it also comes with considerable legal responsibilities. The responsibilities and legal liabilities of an Ealing Village director are the same as they are for a director of any other company, despite being voluntary and unpaid.
Please email us at to find out more if you are interested in volunteering.



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