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AGM 2012 Supporting Material

The 2012 AGM was held on the 9 December at 11:00am.
Below is a summary of the proceedings and the information distributed.


AGM information

To was held on 9 December 2012 at 11:00 in the Ealing Village Clubhouse. 

  • Draft Minutes
  • individuals were present - Coming Soon
    • 38 Shareholders were present in the meeting, Flats: 2,9,10,17,20,23,24,25,28,31,32,42,43,44,51,52,53,57,63,72,79,83,86,89,92,93,97,99,102,105,106,107,113,116,119,120,127,130
    • 28 Shareholders were represented via a proxy, Flats: 1,3,6,7,11,14,27,35,38,67,70,76,77,82,87,88,90,91,94,96,100,101,109,123,126,128,129,132

AGM Agenda

2.   To receive the Reports and Accounts of the Companies, Ealing Village Limited and Ealing Village Freehold Limited for the financial year ending on 31st March 2012. 
3.   To vote on the ratification of the current board of Directors, being Daniel Johnson (Chair), Lior Duby, Matt Aarons, Robin Whittaker, Tim Arpino, Francis Pearce and Richard Squire.
4.   Chair’s Report including review of the year and look forward to 2013
5.   Special Resolutions  - Retirement of Directors by Rotation
6.   Ordinary resolution - Maximum Number of Directors
7. In accordance with article 6 (iv) (b) of the company; to vote on the appointment of A Bester (proposal by R Hone) & R Hone (proposal by A Bester) as Directors for the Companies.
The full order of proceedings can be seen here

Ealing Village Ltd and EVFL Accounts


Special Resolutions

Special Resolution - Retirement of Directors by Rotation
 “TO alter the company’s articles of association (“the Articles”) in the following manner:
- delete article 6 (ii) of the Articles and to replace that article with the following articles:
6 (ii) (1) Subject to the provisions of this article 6 below, at each Annual General Meeting of the Company whenever there are appointed as directors the Maximum Director Number, one-third of the directors shall be required to retire by rotation and these shall be the directors who have been longest in office since their last appointment or re-appointment, but as between persons who became or were last appointed or re-appointed on the same day those to retire shall (unless they agree otherwise amongst themselves) be determined by lot, and if the number of directors is not three or a multiple of three, the number nearest to one-third shall retire from office.
6 (ii) (2) Any director who is due to retire by rotation may stand for re-election at the meeting at which he retires by rotation.”;
- amend the Articles by inserting the words “other than a director retiring by rotation under article 6 (ii) (1) or 6 (ii) (2)” after the words “No member” in article 6 (iv);

Ordinary Resolutions

Ordinary Resolution - Maximum Number of Directors
There shall be a maximum number of 11(eleven) directors.

Chair's Report

To be Presented by Dan Johnsone, the report covered: 

The full report presented can be seen here.