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Pool related Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Why have you installed the new electronic timed lock?
A. We have done so in order to improve the security and safety of Ealing Village Swimming Pool and to prevent use of the pool after it has been shut at night.
Q. How do I access the Pool?
A. You will need your key and the number code made up of your flat number and a 4 digit number code of your choice. 
Q. How do I get my number code?
A. You must complete and sign Pool Access Form agreeing to abide by the pool rules
Q. Is it one number code per flat or one number code per person?
A. It’s one code per person. All residents over 16 years who wish to use the pool should have their own code.
Q. Is Ealing Village Swimming Pool supervised?
A. No. Ealing Village Swimming Pool is not supervised and there is no lifeguard.  All swimming pool users do so at their own risk.
Q. What improvements have been made?
A. A number of significant improvements have been made such as: An automatic dosing system for the chemicals has been installed. The plant room has been upgraded. New signage has been erected. Non-slip matting is in place in the toilets. Windows have been coated to prevent shattering. Poolside paving has been leveled. 
Q. This all seems over the top and Health and Safety gone mad. Is it really necessary?
A. We take health and safety very seriously. We have endeavoured to strike the right balance between enjoyment of the pool and managing the risks. With the co-operation of all Ealing Village residents, we believe we have fit for purpose and suitable arrangements for everyone’s safe enjoyment of the pool. Residents need to understand the inherent risks of using a private, unsupervised pool with no lifeguard. We have circulated the Swimming Pool User Pack to all residents to highlight how to use the pool safely.
Q. How many non-resident friends can I bring to the pool?
A. Maximum of 2 guests per flat
Q. Why are the toilet doors locked between the clubhouse and the toilets?
A. For safe and secure use of the pool, we need to prevent access through the clubhouse. Users can only enter the pool area by using the pool gate.
Q. What should I do if I see someone breaking the rules, such as using glass in the pool area or behaving dangerously?
A.  We all need to take responsibility for Ealing Village, its environment, its facilities and the safety of each other. A polite word with your neighbour will usually sort any problems but please feel free to report any serious issues to EVRA, the porter, or Crabtree.
Q. What happens if I lose or forget my code?
A. Crabtree or Matt Arrons or Robin Whittaker can remind you of your code. Try to pick a code that is easy for you to remember, but hard for someone else to guess
Q. What happens if I lose my key?
A. There is a charge to replace Pool/clubhouse keys. Crabtree can arrange a replacement.
Q. How do I take the Pool Cover on or off?
A. Full instructions are available on the Pool Cover page