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Ealing Village Swimming Pool

Ealing Village swimming pool is an enjoyable facility for all residents to use. In the summer, it is a key part Village life. However it can also be an unsafe place. Water presents a risk of drowning, and injuries can occur from hitting the hard surrounds, or from misuse of the equipment.
New rules have been drafted to maximise residents safety and reduce the risk of injury or drowning. Please make sure that you are familiar with these before entering pool area & follow the rules at all times.
To view the new Ealing Village Swimming Pool Operating Policy click here. To view some of the new safety features installed click here.
Access to the Pool
To improve poolside security and safety, a new timed lock has been installed on the pool gate. It will restrict access to between the hours of 06:00 - 22:00.
The timed lock has a number pad feature similar to the lock on the back gate. However, each resident will have its own unique 8 digit code made up of the flat number and a unique 4-digit PIN chosen by the residents. To gain entry to the pool area residents will need their existing pool key and new number code.
To obtain the pool PIN code residents will need to complete a Pool Access Form.
Residents will not have access to the pool unless you have completed the Pool Access Form which confirms that they have read and accept the Ealing Village Swimming Pool Operating Policy.



Want to Know more, click here for pool related Frequently Asked Questions.