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Ealing Village Gates

Ealing Village is now a secure community. Electronically controlled access has been installed to all entrances to the village and pool:
  • Electronic combination lock to back gate entrance in Madeley Road.
  • Electronic combination pedestrian gates and remotely enabled vehicular gates at the front Hanger Lane entrance. These gates are open at peak times and closed at off-peak times, after 7pm.
  • Secure access to the pool area
Pedestrian Gates
The gate entrance in Madeley Road is in operation all the time, whist the pedestrian gates on the hanger lane are activated between the hours of 19:00 to 07:00.
The access code has been provided to each flat by the managing agent.
Automated Vehicular Gates
Vehicular Gates at Ealing Village are closed during the hours of 19:00 to 07:00. During these hours access to the site will be restricted.
To enter the site you will need to either:
  • Enter the unique eight digit code provided to each flat
  • A Transmitter fob
  • Contact one of the flats through the communication panel by right hand pillar
When exiting the village by car or motorcycle during these hours, please stop at the white stop line in order to trigger the gates opening. Please wait there until the gates are fully open before driving through.

One transmitter fob has been provided to each leaseholder. Replacement fobs can be obtained from the managing agent for a fee. Additional fobs are not encouraged as analysis shows that there is only parking space for one car sized vehicle per flat.

Any profit from the charge for each fob goes back into the service charge for investment in the estate.


For more detailed instructions on gate operations click here.