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Residents News

Burglary Risk - Saturday, November 14, 2015

Please be aware that there were burglaries in block 3 this weekend. It is believed access was gained through the rear of the premises. Residents should ensure that windows and doors are securely fastened and any suspicious behaviour reported promptly to the police.

Major Works Start Today - Block 2 - Wednesday, August 19, 2015

We are delighted to report that we have now signed contracts for Block 2 and the work has started today.

The priority of every flat-owner is to deliver the much-needed works to the entire estate, beginning with Block 2. Any further delay would have set back the entire project by a year and incurred a substantial increase in costs. It was thus vital to start the works as soon as consensus on the scope had been reached. We would like to acknowledge Andrew Kafkaris and his team at Bruton Street Management who have worked very hard to get us to this stage.

The current scope of the works to Block 2 is based on advice from the professional team and takes into consideration the responses received from lessees. These works will be delivered in a professionally-advised manner and now gives lessees the option to repair or replace their windows, always ensuring that they maintain the uniform appearance and are water-resistant.

There are bound still to be queries in respect of the works, which can continue to be addressed to BSM, the contract advisers as per the letter from Alan, or members of the board. We however hope that as a community we can work together collectively to ensure that Ealing Village is restored efficiently.

From the Board of EFVL


Service Charge Documents - Leaseholders - Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A document has been produced showing the breakdown of the service charge for 2015 (minus windows) to assist leaseholders' understanding of where their service charge payments go. Please go to this page (registered leaseholders only).

Development of Six Story Block - Tuesday, May 19, 2015

EVFL is concerned about the impacts of this proposed development on Ealing Village and will be meeting with the developer and also writing to Ealing Council to object to the scale and impact of the six storey residential flats. Residents and leaseholders are also encouraged to email to raise issues with the proposed development. The leaflet describing the development is here.

Major Works Windows Information, Surveys & Prices - Tuesday, March 10, 2015

There was a good attendance at last night's open meeting for leaseholders, where Andrew Kathkaris (Bruton Street) presented a proposed two option proposal, replacement or repair of B5 windows. During the meeting some attendees asked questions that indicated that they had not had the opportunity to access or read the wealth of professional opinion, in relation to major works and windows. Lessees are actively encouraged to have a good poke around in these documents, especially for individual window costs and the results of the independent window survey on block 2, where B5 window definition is explained, as well as other terms. There are other documents that give professional opinion about the estate since 2007 and these are all well worth reading. Service charge reports are also given in the Finance Documents area

Access to Major Works and Finance documents are through a login and password issued by Bruton Street. Please contact them here for access. You do need to be a lesee to access these pages i.e. fully completed flat purchace and legal registration.

The major works documents are here

The major works pages are here

Finance documents are here

Cold Water Block 2 Disruption - Saturday, February 21, 2015

The cold water in Block 2 has been turned off to repair a leak discovered last night. The engineer is on site and repairs are underway. If you find no water coming out of your taps, please ensure that you turn the taps off again.

Central Heating Disruption - Tuesday, February 17, 2015

There was a fault on the central heating control panel this morning, something caused this to happen during the night. GTM are working on the problem to restore the central heating.

Hot Water Disruption - Monday, February 16, 2015

The hot water will be turned off at midday on Tuesday 17th February 2015. This is to allow GTM Maintenance to carry out the necessary upgrade works in the boiler house, this will affect the hot water temperature. The hot water is expected to be turned off for 2/3hours. If you find no water coming out of your taps, please ensure that you turn the taps off again

Vehicle Gates - Back in Operation - Thursday, February 12, 2015

Anchor Doors have carried out the necessary upgrade works to the vehicle gates this week. They have installed a new control system, new boxes and motors to both gates. The gates will also open and close quicker and be smoother than the old system. The gates go back into operation on Friday 13th February 2015 at 10am. Please make sure that you have your fobs and also that you remember your own personal vehicle code and the pedestrian codes. If you are unaware of your code, please contact Alan March the estate manager.

Hot Water - Low Temperatures Update - Tuesday, February 3, 2015

GTM Maintenance are attending site tomorrow morning to replace two more heat exchangers on the hot water boilers and also remove the faulty buffer vessel ready to install the new buffer vessel and pipe work.The removal and installation of the new buffer vessel will take approximately 4/5 days.A full assessment is underway, to so that these issues are resolved in the long term.

Mains Cold Water Outage - Saturday, January 31, 2015

 Mains cold water is reportedly out in block 5 (kitchen tap & tank feed) has been reported to property manager. This fault is the responsibility of the water utility company. 

Hot Water - Low Temperatures - Monday, January 26, 2015

As you will be aware, we have been experiencing continued problems with the hot water system during peak times, this is generally between 6am and 9am. GTM Maintenance attended site on Saturday 24th January 2015 and improved the hot water temperature as much as they could.
The additional heat exchanger modules and other parts have been ordered and should be delivered within the next couple of days. GTM Maintenance is aiming to fit the new heat exchanger modules on Wednesday 28th January 2015. This should improve the hot water temperature for normal demand.
Two new 500ltr hot water buffer vessels (which store the hot water for peak time use) have also been ordered and should be delivered on Monday 2rd February 2015. GTM Maintenance is aiming to install the buffer vessels that week.The reason the external buffer vessels are needed is to allow everyone to use hot water at the same time (peak times) and the system is unable to cope with demand when the buffer vessels are not functioning. When there is not high hot water use, then the system is able to cope by supplying hot water on demand. If you are able to use hot water outside of peak hours then you are less likely to experience a lack of hot water. This should only last until the new modules and vessels are up and running.
The management team is evaluating the boiler plant with a view to ensuring cost effective maintenance and greatest reliability for the future.

Hot Water Temperature Drop & Repair - Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We are experiencing some problems with the hot water. It was noticed yesterday that some of the boiler modules had stopped working which caused the temperature to drop from Sunday. GTM Maintenance attended site to investigate the problem with the hot water and advised that new modules will need to be ordered to keep up with the demands on the hot water system. New modules have been ordered and should be delivered within the next couple of days. GTM Maintenance are aiming to fit the new modules this Thursday.

Ealing Village in the News - Friday, January 16, 2015

The local press have picked up on the planning application and their report is here for the Ealing Times and here for Get West London (Ealing Gazette)

Essential Repairs & Maintenance Update - Thursday, January 15, 2015

We are delighted to announce that last night Ealing Council granted planning and listed building consent for the external repair works to block two, including replacement of 92% of windows. This means we have achieved the most significant milestone towards commencing the works in 2015. Thank you to everyone who has given their support and worked hard to make this happen over recent months and weeks. Leaseholders will have already recently received the formal Section 20 consultation notice for the appointment of construction companies to deliver the works. A more detailed update and timeline will be published at in early February 2015

The Ealing Village Team


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