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2010 Residents News

Open Meeting – See how Lichfield Court did it - Friday, January 7, 2011
Meet the team behind the successful renovation project at Lichfield Court.
Hunter Price, the team that delivered the renovations of Lichfield Court, will be giving a presentation of their past and current projects and be open for questions.
Lichfield Court in Richmond, like Ealing Village, is a 1930s Grade II-listed site. It has recently gone though a renovation programme similar to that considered for Ealing Village.
The meeting will take place on Thursday Jan 20th at 19:30 in the Clubhouse and is open to all residents and leaseholders.
This is a great opportunity to learn more about how a project like this has been achieved.
To learn more about Lichfield Court click here.


AGM 2010 Information - Saturday, November 27, 2010


The AGM held on the 21 November drew a large number of Shareholders and Leaseholders.
The majority of the attendees were keen to understand the financial position of EVL and EVFL and the impact of the renovation works will have on them. The EVL board have prepared a number of documents that to help with this. 


A special page of information has been prepared to cover the 2010 AGM. Click here to visit the 2010 AGM page, registration is required.
The 2010 AGM page includes:
  • A summary Analysis of the 2010 EVL and EVFL accounts
  • 2010 End of Year Cash position
  • Service Charge Calculation
  • 2010 Service Charge - Actual versus Budget
  • Indicative impact on Service Charge of changing from oil to gas
  • 2010 Major Works - Actual versus Budget
  • Ealing Village Renovation - Indicative cost per flat for Options and Phasing identified in Executive Summary

 The minutes of the meeting will be published shortly



Historic cold water tanks being replaced with improved design on Block 3 - Thursday, November 25, 2010

The two remaining historic cold water storage tanks on the roof of block 3 are to be replaced with new modern ones that are a marked improvement on the old design and, both functionally and visually. The poor condition of these tanks has come to light whilst work is being undertaken to replace the first tank on this roof. The tanks were found to be in an extremely corroded state, see photos.
The cost of replacing all three tanks is in the region of £50,000, but this is to be funded from existing reserve funds. There should be no loss of water for the flats below the tanks, but there will inevitably be some noise disturbance during the day whilst contractors are on site.
Renovating Ealing Village - Tuesday, November 16, 2010
Further to the recent communication regarding the proposed renovations to Ealing Village the feasibility study commission to ascertain the cost of refurbishing the entire development is now available in full.
The report will be discussed at the forthcoming AGM (21st November 2010 at 11:00) and is likely to generate a lot of debate. Hence two open meeting have been organised for the 2nd and 16th December 2010. These will be held in the Clubhouse at 19:30 where the Surveyors who put the report together will be available to answer questions.
As the recent newsletter outlined, shareholders are invited to take part in the decision making process. Two working groups are being set-up: one to take responsibility for funding, including finding ways of raising funds and ensuring the programme delivers real value for money. The second working group will over-see the technical aspects of the programme, reviewing specifications and tenders responses.
Click here to see the full report.
Heating distribution system – In pictures - Sunday, November 14, 2010
The precise condition of the heating distribution system has been revealed by some photos taken by TAP Mechanical. These photos show the water leak below flat 50 prior to its repair. Obvious signs of rusting can be seen in the heating pipes running under the ground floor flats.
The engineers have managed to crawl along the trench below other flats to examine other sections of pipework. They have found several other areas where the pipework is lying in damp rubble or soil and which is, as a result, in a poor condition. Although the majority of the pipework is sound, it is these isolated areas where future leaks are likely to occur, and this may happen sooner rather than later.
  TAP Mechanical are anticipating further leaks to occur. The leaks are not caused by the new heating system but are due to the age and condition of some of the pipes. The new heating system makes it easier to detect such leaks.
Crabtree have therefore advised that engineers may have to undertake further repair works. They are waiting for the engineer’s report on the pipework, and their recommendations to minimise the risk. Once this is received, a further update will be issued. 

To view the photos click here.
Newsletter out now - Thursday, October 21, 2010

 The Ealing Village Autumn / Winter Newsletter is now out, and for the first time available for download. In this edition:

  • The latest on the new heating and hot water system
  • Gates and railings back after 70 years
  • Recycling advice
  • New front gates will be automated 
  • Dumping rubbish could cost you £400+


AGM set for November - Thursday, October 21, 2010


The EVFL and EVL Annual General Meeting will be at the clubhouse at 11am on Sunday 21 November 2010. All shareholders are welcome. Details will be circulated in advance by post and will be available by registering at


Securing the Village – New Back Gate Being Installed - Friday, August 27, 2010

In response to recent break-ins and following a resident’s survey new security measures are being introduced to Ealing Village.

A brand new back gate will to be installed in the first week of September 2010. The gate will be secured using a key code.
The security code will need to be used to exit or to enter through the gate.
The code will be provided to all residents through a mailing in the days before the gate is installed.
To keep the Village secure it is important to be discreet about the security code. Please only reveal the security code to individuals you know well and trust.
You can learn more about the work being done to secure Ealing Village in the Major Works page.


New back gates will have locks - Sunday, July 25, 2010

The new combination lock back gates are designed to deter unwanted visitors and to ensure that the area is used properly. Their installation will now be done ahead of the installation of railings and gates at the front entrance into Hanger Lane. These are being installed by Transport for London and will restore the front of the village to its pre-Second World War appearance. As a result of delays to the bridgeworks this is not expected to happen until October 2010.

In the meantime EVL is seeking planning permission to automate the front gates in a way that respects the original design of the gates, the Village’s Grade II Listing and road safety.

Adding a lock to the rear entrance and
automating the front gates are being done in response to a request from the residents’ association which polled Ealing Villagers. The restoration of the rails and gates at the front of the village is the result of earlier negotiations by EVL.


A locked security gate will be installed at the rear, footway entrance to Ealing Village from Madeley Road. The new gate will have a combination lock, the numbers for which will be issued to all residents. A hummock of garden waste that has built up near the bicycle shed over years and is thought to have been used by trespassers as a way on to the railway siding will be removed. 
Swimming pool open - Sunday, July 25, 2010

Get your bathing suits out of storage! The pool opened on  1 May after UK Pools carried out a schedule of maintenance, including patching and painting. It also  installed a new set of steps in the shallow end that won't catch on the solar cover. 

A few things to remember:

  •   The pool may only be used by residents of Ealing Village, with a maximum of two non-resident guests per flat.
  •  Children may only swim supervised.
  •  All users do so at their own risk and must comply with the rules displayed by the poolside.
  •  The pool is considered closed at 10:00 pm.
  •  No glass of any kind is allowed in the pool area. Whenever broken glass is found anywhere by, in or near the pool it has to be closed, drained and refilled for safety reasons,  which obviously causes inconvenience and expense, plus there is the clear danger of risk especially to children.
  •  If you are the last one to leave the pool please put the solar cover back. It's easy to use. Instructions are attached to the roller, but if you have any questions or problems please contact the porter or managing agent.


Bridge work delays hold back gatehouse renovation - Sunday, July 25, 2010

The bridgeworks by the entrance to Ealing Village are reaching a crucial stage with the hoisting into place of the South Bridge being constructed on the old Webb’s garden centre site opposite block 5. But Transport for London says that the new ‘signalised’ turning lane into the Village from the A406 will not be complete until early-mid 2011. The entire project was originally due for completion this year but it was set back by the condition of water pipes and other services deep below ground.

This, in turn has delayed renovation work on the two gatehouses as TfL has to make good any damages the works might do to them, based on their state at the time the project started. This puts EVL in a bind because although the gatehouses are clearly in need of external redecoration, its cost would be wasted.

Despite that, some holding repairs such as leak-proofing and wood treatment have been necessary. Although there is no indication that any damage has so far been done to the gatehouses by the bridgeworks they have included deep excavations and pile driving, and planned roadwork is likely to produce dirt and dust at the very least.

When the gatehouses can be refurbished externally, EVL plans to test the feasibility of removing old layers of a particular type of paint used throughout the village which potentially traps moisture between it and the fabric of the buildings, causing damp. Although it was used many years ago, its removal and replacement with ‘breathable’ paint is part of EVL’s mid-long term plan to ensure that major works provide value for money from the service charge by reducing maintenance costs. The gatehouses will be used to find the most cost-efficient way to achieve this. Other cost saving measures include changing the fuel used for the communal heating and hot water from oil to gas.


Radiators: Do repairs or decorate now while the heating's off - Sunday, July 25, 2010

The communal heating in Ealing Village is switched off from May to the start of October so now is the time to carry out work such as any decorating that requires radiators to be moved. Any work must only be carried out between 9am and 5pm on week days.

This is the last year that the heating network will be routinely drained down during the Summer. Leaving the system full over the summer months will reduce corrosion and blockages caused by oxidation in the pipes, helping to keep flats warm in winter and cut maintenance costs. But it means that if you want to carry out work that calls for a drain down after 1 October 2010 you will be charged for it to cover the cost of calling in engineers. After the system is filled again this autumn, except in cases of emergency, the system will only be drained, by appointment, when the heating is off, 1 May-1 October.  So please plan any works in those months and remember Grade II listing restrictions.

Pool Cover - Thursday, May 27, 2010

We all know the how cold the pool can be, so last year an investment was made in a solar powered pool cover. The cover can raise the temperature of the water by up to 9 degrees. To maximise the heating effects of the cover we need to ensure that it stays on as much as possible. The more time the cover is on the pool the, warmer the water. 

The cover is easy to operate, so don’t be afraid to have a go. A handy set of instructions is attached to the control leg of the cover.
The golden rule is that if you are the first to the pool and the cover is on, take it off. If you are the last person in the pool, put the cover on when you leave.
An EVERA representative will ensure that the cover is placed on when on the pool closed at 10pm.
The cover and reel that it sits in could be damaged very easily. Safety First:
  • Please, do not sit, stand, lay, lean or hang on the cover or reel.
  • Do not get in the pool when the cover is on
  • Do not operate the cover whilst anyone is in the pool
  • Please do not let children operate the cover
If you have any questions, problems or would like a demonstration please contact the Porter or Robin Whittaker.
New property manager - Thursday, May 20, 2010


Crabtree have appointed a new managing agent for Ealing Village. His name is Ged Tucker and he should be the first point of contact for all enquiries. Ged’s contact details are:

Crabtree Property Management Limited
114 Rochester Row
London SW1P 1JQ

Tel.: 020 7963 8680
Fax: 020 7963 8690


Tree surgery - Thursday, May 20, 2010


Following survey of the trees in Ealing Village a number of dead or diseased trees are being removed. Three trees will be removed with a further two being reshaped. All trees removed will be replaced. The work is being undertaken by a tree surgeon living in the village.   


The big hole opposite the clubhouse - Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This week saw the continuation of the work by contractors to connect the Ealing Village boiler room to a gas supply. It is the first step in the process of converting the communal heating and hot water system to gas.

To learn more about the Major Works planned in Ealing village, have a look at the new Major Works information page.


Pool Opening - Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Get your bathing suits out of storage! The pool opened on May 1st, after UK Pools Ltd carried out a schedule of maintenance, including patching and painting, so the pool  look greats. They installed a new set of steps in the shallow end that won't catch on the solar cover.

A few things to remember:

  • The pool may only be used by residents of Ealing Village, with a maximum of two non-resident guests per flat.
  • All users do so at their own risk and must comply with the rules displayed by the poolside.
  • The pool is considered closed at 10:00 PM.
  • No glass of any kind is allowed in the pool area.

If you are the last one to leave the pool please put the solar cover back. It's easy to use. Instructions are attached to the roller, but if you have any questions or problems please contact the Porter.


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