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Residents News 2009

Christmas Tree Gift to the Village - Monday, December 14, 2009

You may have noticed the brightly lit Christmas tree next to the clubhouse. This was a good will gift to the Village from Vinci Construction, who are responsible for building the new bridges just outside the Village. Getting the tree into place was quite an operation, needing a crane to bring it into position.

Major works plan for Ealing Village: update - Thursday, November 5, 2009


EVFL’s first priority for major works relates to the communal hot water and heating system. The intention is then move on to refurbishing the gatehouses and blocks. Those of you who have read the DS Partnership report or attended the open meetings will know that one of the key areas of debate has been the state of the distribution network: the original 1930s pipework that distributes hot water and heating to the flats.

The EVFL board instructed extra investigations into the state of the pipework to take place.

This was not easy to carry out as much of the pipework is buried beneath floors or inside walls. However, the feedback from the work, which included exposing pipework in some flats and also using cameras to look at various points in the under-floor trenches have increased confidence that renewing the centralised boiler system would not be a waste of Ealing Village funds.

Accordingly plans are being drawn up that will mean that by the time we switch on the heating next year (October 2010) we intend to have replaced the cold water storage tanks on the roofs; converted the boilers from oil to gas; upgraded / replaced the boilers as required , and upgraded the electrics and control systems to allow greater control over the level and timing of heating.

The board also looked at whether it would be possible to reduce the heat lost through the distribution across the site either by lagging the pipes or using foam to provide insulation. Unfortunately, the feedback has not been positive on this. Foam insulation was likely to prove ineffective due to the amount of rubble in the trenches while lagging the pipes would involve, among other things, digging up the floors in all ground floor flats and would be both disruptive and expensive.

Getting to this point has taken longer than intended and we continue to maintain the existing system with the aim of ensuring a consistent service. Further, chemicals and an additional pump have been used to improve circulation to some of the flats on the farthest reaches of the system.

Take care with repairs - Thursday, November 5, 2009


In the run up to Christmas, please bear in mind that Ealing Village is Grade-II listed and that certain types of work are forbidden or require permission under the terms of your lease for safety and other reasons. For example, it is illegal to remove original fireplaces or tiles. Replacement windows or doors must match the existing Crittall ones exactly and must be painted the correct colour: Buckingham green.

Bigger projects such as new bathrooms also require permission. If you are planning any changes please contact the managing agent who will be able to advise you.

Any work must only be carried out between 9am and 5pm during the week. Materials should be brought in by the back door of the flats and all rubbish taken away promptly. This is to minimise the nuisance to your neighbours and keep fire escapes safe.

If you are renovating your flat and have building rubbish or furniture, fixtures and fittings to dispose of, please note that this is your responsibility. It must not be placed in the general rubbish collection area. The porter will help you to organise a skip if necessary and Ealing Council can be contacted to remove large items.

The managing agent will charge you for the disposal of anything dumped anywhere in Ealing Village by you or your contractors.

TfL says Hanger Lane bridge works will now end in 'early 2011' - Thursday, November 5, 2009


Transport for London says the bridge replacement work taking place next to the entrance of Ealing Village has been delayed because services below the Hanger Lane, including water pipes, have been discovered that were not on any plans. This meant that TfL had to wait while it gained permission to carry out work on London Underground and Network Rail property.

The project was originally scheduled for completion in Summer 2010 but this has now slipped to ‘early 2011’ according to the TfL website. To catch up on the schedule some work has been carried out ahead of time, including the laying of new pavements outside. Both the pavement and the road will be above the Village’s ground level. TfL has assured EVFL that a drain will be built across the entrance to the Village to catch run-off from the road and avoid flooding.

TfL will also rebuild the entrance road and add a gently sloping ramp. As a result of earlier negotiation by EVFL, TfL will be rebuilding the front walls with gates and railings restoring them to their original pre-Second World War state. Because the original brickwork has to be replaced, however, Ealing Council has had to approve the use of new materials. TfL and the council are in discussion but work on the wall is likely to take place towards the end of the bridge works, when the pavement south of the entrance will also be finished.

Manufacturing work on the new gates and railings has already begun. The design is based on an artist’s impression drawn by a former resident, the late Bill Willison, from his personal memory of the ironwork in the 1930s. Some of Bill’s art can be seen in the clubhouse.

Entering and leaving Ealing Village by road has long been risky and tedious but the new road layout and automatic equipment are expected to change that. TfL says: ‘This new entrance will also have a specific traffic detector installation that will make it safer and easier for turning vehicles, in particular for those turning right into and out of the Village. This work will again be completed towards the end of the project when the new pedestrian crossing facility that forms part of the new Ealing Village junction is finished.

Fallen and dead trees to be replaced - Thursday, November 5, 2009


The trees around Ealing Village help reduce noise and air pollution from the North Circular and the railways. Some trees died due to the weather last year and some lost limbs during the May winds. Trees and bushes between the fence and the District Line have been removed to allow machinery along the side of the Underground line to shore up the cutting.

Fortunately, many of the trees on the Village side of the fence are the subject of tree preservation orders. Work near the bridge led to the destruction of the weeping silver lime by the entrance, when its roots were cut through. It was under a TPO and Ealing Council says that TfL will have to replace it with a mature tree seven to eight metres tall. TfL says this will happen as part of the landscaping to follow the replacement of the front wall. Meanwhile EVFL has commissioned a tree surgeon to prioritise work including replanting.

EVL and EVFL Annual General Meeting, 15 November - Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Ealing Village Ltd and Ealing Village Freehold Ltd will be holding their joint AGM at the clubhouse  on Sunday 15 November at 6.30pm. Minutes of the previous AGM will be available to shareholders on the night or in advance from Jennifer Deane. Once the formal business of the meeting is over there will be an informal, open forum.