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Ealing Village Newsletters - Saturday, September 29, 2018

A new system providing news through newsletters has been implemented using the MailChimp platform. This allows residents, leasholders and shareholders to register for the newsletters and remove themselves should they not wish to continue receiving them. It also allows the administraters to give relevant information to the correct group of subscribers.

Topics include major works, staff leave, central heating works, hot and cold water outages, clubhouse news and general estate information

The link to subscribe to this mailing list is here

AGM Results, Major Works and Financial Documents - Monday, July 25, 2016

Please note that AGM documents and associated shareholder documents, including past AGMs, financial documents and special resolutions can be accessed through the Shareholders link at the top of the website. You do have to be logged in to access these pages here.

Specifically, this year's AGM page is here

All registered shareholders are automatically able to access the Leaseholders & Landlords tab, once logged in, to access major works pages, major works reference documents, previous financial accounts and FTT results. These can all be found and accessed here

Major Works reference documents can be accessed here

Leaseholder financial documents are here

The Ealing Village Guide is here

If you are unable to login to these areas of the website please contact Bruton Street on 020 7495 5858 or send an email to

Summer - House Rules - Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dear Residents,

Please take a minute to read this summary of the house rules that are most relevant during the warmer summer months. I hope you find it useful and please contact me at the estate office if you have any questions.




The gardens are for all to enjoy throughout the year. You are welcome to have garden parties and barbecues, but please ensure that the gardens are not damaged and other residents are not disturbed.

Please be considerate, particularly after 9pm, as noise easily travels to the flats from the gardens and can disturb other residents.




Barbeques are permitted on the lawns opposite the flats beyond the road. BBQs must never be positioned near overhanging trees, parked vehicles or under buildings, patios or balconies.  Please protect the lawns from damage. BBQs are not allowed on any other part of the estate.

During the summer barbeques can be stored overnight in the boundary trees.


Ball Games


All ball games by adults and children aged 12 and over are prohibited on the lawns of Ealing Village.

Primary school age children are allowed to play games with soft balls where this is supervised by an adult and does not cause damage to the grounds or property; and is not a disturbance to other users of the gardens.




Residents must not hang any washing or articles over the balconies or store any items visibly above the height of the balcony wall.

Any items such as flowerboxes or pots on the balcony or balcony walls should not be secured or hung off that walls. Recent professional advice states that any extra strain placed on balcony walls is unsafe and that they could collapse.




Ground floor patios should always be well maintained and tidy. They cannot be used as a storage area for gardening tools, toys and other equipment. Washing cannot be dried on ground floor flats’ patios - please use rotary dryers at the rear of the blocks.

Garden pots and patio furniture are permitted, although garden pots must contain plants and be well maintained.

Lido Pool

The Lido may only be used by residents of Ealing Village, with a maximum of two non-resident guests per flat. The pool opens at 6am and closes at 10pm every day.

All users do so at their own risk and must comply with the rules displayed by the poolside.  For the safety of residents, unsafe or anti-social behaviour at the Lido will result in pool codes being withdrawn.

Please replace the swimming pool cover after your swim as this helps to retain the pool’s temperature. Residents that do not know how to operate the pool cover, please watch the swimming pool instruction video at


Tennis Court


All residents are welcome to enjoy a game of tennis. The tennis court can be booked in advance using the booking sheet in the clubhouse.


The clubhouse opens at 7am and closes at midnight.  Please do not remove any items from the clubhouse, although you are welcome to borrow and donate books from the Ealing Village library and also borrow outdoor games from the clubhouse.

Please make sure that the windows are closed and locked before leaving the clubhouse.

Alan March

Estate Manager

Pool Opening - Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Residents who wish to use the pool will need to apply for an individual pool code if one has not already been issued.
Residents can apply for a new pool code using the application form here.
Pool code application forms should be returned to The Estates Office, which is located at the end of the garages behind Block Two. Please make a note of your code before returning the form and do not share it with anyone else.

Toilet doors and the main access gate must not be wedged open due to the high risk of injury to toddlers and small children gaining unsupervised access. 'Held open' alarms have been fitted to these doors and closing the door/gate will silence the alarm.
Paramount for everyone's safety, please read and abide by the pool rules.


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