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The Company’s Purpose & Principles
Ealing Village Ltd exists to balance, promote and protect the interests of current and future shareholders now and in the future.
This includes current and long term ensuring financial stability, maintaining and improving the condition of the buildings and estate and promoting the quality of life of those living within Ealing Village.
It does this by:
  • Retaining 100% ownership of Ealing Village freehold.
  • Encouraging leaseholders to be shareholders.
  • Encouraging residents and lessees to participate in the running of Ealing Village.
  • Discharging its obligations as landlord as laid down in the lease
  • Ensuring the Ealing Village estate has fit for purpose structures, processes and systems to be run effectively on a day to day basis.
  • Ensuring Ealing Village Ltd (and EVFL) are viable and sustainable companies.
Where the immediate financial interests of the current shareholders conflict with the long term interests of future shareholders the direction to directors is that the long term interests should outweigh the immediate benefits.
In an ideal world all flats would be owner-occupied and all owners would also be shareholders. At this point the interests of residents, owners (leaseholders) and shareholders would be aligned.
The Ealing Village Team