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Clubhouse Booking

The Ealing Village Clubhouse is a open to all residents every day from 8am to 11.30pm. Please feel welcome to enjoy the television, board games, table tennis, snooker and community library, from which you can borrow and donate books; and also feel free to make drinks in the kitchen. With the exception of books, please leave all equipment in the clubhouse and also please tidy up before you leave.
The clubhouse is an Art Deco Listed Building, which over time we are trying to restore. Please take care of it when you use it.
The Dining Room and the Kitchen of the clubhouse can also be exclusively booked for private functions by any resident, see details below. The middle room can also be used for events, although this cannot be exclusively booked.
Bookings are managed by the Estate Manager Alan and can be made by emailing
The voluntary charge for booking is:
- Evening Event: £50.
- Daytime Event (half day): £40.
A returnable deposit of £100 is also required to secure bookings. All booking charges are voluntary and are ring-fenced exclusively for re-investment in the clubhouse and community events.


To book the clubhouse:
  1. Email your booking request to
  2. Upon acceptance of request, complete the Clubhouse Booking Form and submit it with the Donation and deposit to the Clubhouse Coordinator. All Cheques should be made payable to EVFL
For details on use of the clubhouse for special events please email